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How it works

How it works

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It’s as easy as that! 


The easiest way to search for items is to use key-words and location in the search bar. For example, “Buggy, Edinburgh” will list all of the buggies in Edinburgh first, followed by buggies and then by all the items in Edinburgh. 

You can also browse by category using the drop down menu, located to the left of the site.  

Happy browsing! 

Sign up 

Something caught your eye? It’s time to set up your account.

To sign up and create an account, click the ‘sign up’ tab at the top of the screen, and follow the instructions.  

Once you have completed sign up, you will receive a welcome email asking you to verify yourself. Whilst it is not mandatory to verify yourself, it helps to nurture trust within our community. Transacting with non-verified users is not something we recommend, as it could leave you on the cold side of our security blanket. And our security features are definitely a cosy endorsement. 

List an item  

To list an item, log in and select “post a new listing”.  

Select the most appropriate category and whether you’d like to rent it out on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can create multiple listings for the same item to give you all 3 options, but just watch out for double booking! 

Now it's time to fill out your listing. Choose a title and provide as much detail in the description as you can. Use this section to highlight any aesthetic wear and tear, but remember no broken items should be listed to rent.  

Select the location of the item so other users know where it can be collected from. The general location will be publicly posted, but not your full address. You should only provide the full collection address to a Borrower once they have booked the item and if they are collecting it from your home. Alternatively, you can arrange to deliver it.   

Next, it’s time to add photos of the item. We suggest taking photos against a white wall with no other items visible in the picture. You can also remove the background with the free tool that works well for this. If the photos are not in keeping with the general feel of the Website, we    reserve the right to take down the listing.   

Borrow/rent out an item  

Borrowing an item is easy. Click on the listing you want to rent out, choose the rental time period and then hit “book”.  

A daily listing equates to 24 hours. So, if you select Saturday as your collection date, you will need to return the item at the same time on the Sunday (unless a different time is agreed with the Lender).  

If you select Saturday and Sunday on the booking form, you would collect on Saturday and return the item at the same time on Monday. Think of it like booking nights in a hotel. 

Confirm your payment details in the prompt that follows. Once you have done this, the Lender will receive your booking request. Any queries about the item? Contact the Lender directly via the private messenger before making your booking. 

When the Lender receives a booking request, they will have three days to accept or reject it. Lenders also have the ability to message the Borrower directly before making a decision. We recommend using the messenger service to agree how and when the item will be collected and dropped off before the booking request is accepted. 


When the borrower makes a booking request and confirms their payment details, the Rental Fee is preauthorised on their card. If the Lender rejects the request, or fails to take any action after 3 days, the preauthorisation is cancelled. If the Lender accepts the booking, the Rental Fee is deducted from the Borrowers card and held in escrow by Stripe.  

The Borrower will then be prompted to either mark the transaction as complete or dispute it. When the Borrower marks the transaction as complete, the Rental Fee (minus the 20% Lender Fee) will be sent to the Lender. The Borrower should not mark the transaction as complete until they have inspected and collected the item. 

*For further payment advice, scroll down to Additional Payment Details* 


The Borrower and Lender are free to agree the mechanics of delivery, including how, when and where the Borrower will take possession of the item.  

It is the Lender’s responsibility to ensure that the item conforms to the description in the listing, is fit for purpose and is safe to use. The Lender must also ensure that the item is clean and has been sanitised.  

We recommend that both Lender and Borrower take photographs of the item at the point of          collection.  

During the rental period  

During the rental period, the Borrower is responsible for taking reasonable care of the item and     ensuring it remains in their possession. The Borrower will be liable for any loss or damage to the item during the Rental Period and for any time that the item remains in their possession beyond   the Rental Period.  

If the item is lost or damaged during the Rental Period, or any other issue arises, the Borrower must contact the Lender immediately or as soon as reasonably possible to make them aware. We         encourage parties to try to resolve any issues directly, but if this approach fails the matter        should be referred to the pa-rent team for resolution by emailing  


The Borrower and Lender are free to agree the mechanics of returning the item, including how,  when and where the Lender will take possession of the item.  

It is the Borrower’s responsibility to ensure that the item is returned in the same condition in which  it was given to them by the Lender, save for any reasonable wear and tear.  

The Borrower must also ensure that the item is clean and has been sanitised.  

We recommend that both Lender and Borrower take photographs of the item at the point of return.  


Once the Borrower has marked the transaction as complete, the parties will each be prompted to leave a review of the other. We would be really grateful if you took the time to complete a review as this helps other users to make decisions about whether to lend to and borrow items from other users. It also helps build trust in our community so that our family will continue to grow. 

This is only the beginning...   

Currently the pa-rent site is running as a beta trial. Whilst this means that the platform doesn’t have all of the fancy features we’d like it to have yet, it does mean that we can grow and change in response to your feedback to deliver the best possible service.  

In the future we plan to offer the ability to take deposits in order to give our Lenders additional comfort when they rent out their items. We’d also like to give our users the ability to set varying prices rates on one listing (for example daily, weekly and monthly prices).   

Our current focus is on the central belt of Scotland. This doesn’t mean you can’t list or look for items elsewhere, it just means there may not be much of an offering yet as it may take some time for us to expand out into your area. You can help us out by being an early adopter and listing items in your  local area! 

Whilst we are working on expanding our offering, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the service so far. If you have any feedback, please contact us at… 

Additional Payment Details

We recommend that the Borrower only marks the transaction as complete at the end of the Rental Period in case a dispute arises in relation to a Latent Defect.   

If the Borrower disputes a transaction, for example because they wish to cancel within the cooling off period or because there is an issue with the item, the dispute will be referred to the pa-rent team to determine whether the Rental Fee should be returned to the Borrower or sent to the Lender (less the 20% Lender Fee).    

The maximum time that the Rental Fee can be held in escrow is 85 days. If the Borrower takes no action during this time the Rental Fee will be released to the Lender (less the 20% Lender Fee). For this reason, we recommend when booking an item that the proposed Rental Period ends within 85 days of the booking being requested.   



How do I create an account?

Click the ‘sign up’ button at the top of the page and follow the instructions. You’ll then be sent two emails from Sharetribe - one to confirm your email address and another with instructions on how to get yourself verified. 


What type of items can I list?

Any item that makes family life easy. Our platform is designed to make your life easier and to create a pa-RENT family. Families love to share! Items must be in good condition, in fully working order, safe and clean at the time they are rented out. Please ensure any electrical items are less than 5 years old. 


Are there any restrictions on what items can be listed? 

There are some restrictions. You can’t list any dangerous or illegal items or items that are broken. We also exclude listing power tools. 


Is pa-rent safe to use?

We want to ensure everyone on our platform feels safe using it and so we use Passbase to verify the identity of our platform users. As becoming a verified user is optional, we would highly recommend getting yourself verified (which is free to do) and only interacting with users who have a verified badge. 

If you’re arranging drop off or collection, you should arrange to meet somewhere you feel comfortable. Preferably go with somebody else, or make sure someone knows where you are going and when you will be back. 

How long can an item be rented for?

Items can be rented for days, weeks or even months - it’s completely up to the lender!


Can I cancel a rental?

Yes, there is a 48 hour cooling off period for Borrowers (provided the start date of the Rental Period does not fall within 48 hours

of the booking request). Lenders can cancel up to 3 days before the Rental Period. 


Who is responsible if the item breaks during the Rental Period?

The Borrower is responsible for ensuring that the item does not get lost or damaged during the Rental Period and will be liable to reimburse the Lender if it does. However, if the item breaks or stops working during the rental period due to an inherent issue with the item itself, the Borrower will be entitled to return the item and seek a refund for the remainder of the Rental Period. If Borrower and Lender are unable to agree on the correct course of action, the matter can be referred to our dispute resolution service by contacting the pa-rent team via the website or by email to


Can I message others users?

Yes! To make sure that the item is perfect for you, you will be able to communicate directly with other users and ask questions before you rent. Please keep all communication within the platform for your safety and the safety of your items. If anything goes wrong, we will only be able to support you through the communication within the website.


How do reviews work?

You'll be prompted to complete a review after every rental. This applies to both Lenders and Borrowers. Building up your positive reviews will increase your chances of receiving rental requests and of being accepted as a borrower. We’d be really grateful if you’d take the time to complete the reviews as this will help other users build trust in our community. As the community gains trust and increases in size, there will be more items available to borrow!



How do I list an item? 

Once you are logged in, you will have the option  at the top of the page to ‘post a listing’.  Select the category that best fits the item and then select what pricing period you would like (daily, weekly or monthly). Name the item in the listing title and input the price. Provide a detailed description, noting any aesthetic wear and tear (broken items should not be listed). Then upload some pictures of your item. The more pictures you upload, the better. We recommend taking pictures against a white wall with no other items present. You may also want to consider using software to isolate the image from the background. We have used which is free and works well. Then post your listing, marking any days in the booking calendar that you know the item will be unavailable. 


How many items can I list?

As many as you like. The more, the merrier. 

How is pricing set?

As a lender, you decide what price to set. This will obviously depend on whether you select a daily, weekly or monthly rate. For example, we would expect the monthly rate for an item to be cheaper per day than an item that’s rented on a daily basis only. 


Are there fees for lending my item?

Yes, we charge 20% of the total Rental Fee (known as the ‘Lender Fee’). This will be deducted from the Rental Fee before the balance is passed to you. 


Can anyone rent my items?

As a lender, you choose exactly who you want to rent your items to. You are able to accept or refuse any request to book your items.


When do I get paid?

Once you accept a booking request the Borrower’s card is debited and the Rental Fee sits in escrow until the Borrower marks the transaction as complete at the end of the Rental Period, at which point you will Receive the Rental Fee less 20% (being the Lender Fee). 

If the Borrower is dissatisfied with the item they can raise a dispute which will be referred to us to determine. If that happens, the funds may be paid to you or returned to the borrower.

If the Borrower fails to take any action, the funds will automatically be released to you 85 days after the booking request. 


What happens if the Borrower breaks or doesn’t return my item and they are ignoring my messages?

The Borrower is liable to compensate you in these instances. However, if they have been unresponsive or are refusing to comply with their obligations, we may, at our sole discretion, offer you a like for like replacement preloved item, arrange for your broken item to be repaired or consider offering compensation. 

Our long term plan is to introduce a deposit-taking facility to prevent these sorts of issues arising. However, that is not something we are able to offer during the beta trial. 


How can I become a better lender?

Here’s a few tips to increase your rentals:

  1. Good photographs: Use high quality images preferably with a clean white or plain background. Show the item from different angles and ensure that there are no other items in the photo. can help to ensure a plain background. 
  2. Detailed description: Try to provide as much detail as possible, all in one place. Specify the fabrics, colour and sizing. 
  3. Leave reviews: Users are more likely to rent from a lender with good reviews. Ask your borrowers to leave a review and review them back at the end of the Rental Period. 


Rental Businesses

Can I use the pa-RENT service if I am a rental business?

Yes, you can. We have special business rates available so if you are keen to open an account, please contact us by email at



How do I search for an item? 

There are a number of ways to search. The easiest way is to key word search the name of the item you are looking for and the location. For example, ‘Gazebo, Edinburgh’. This will first list all the gazebos in Edinburgh, then all the gazebos then all Edinburgh listings. 

How do I book the item?

When you find the item you want, enter the Rental Period and click ‘book now’. This will send a booking request to the Lender and preauthorise the Rental Fee on your card. The Lender then has the option to either accept or reject the request. If they reject, the request and the preauthorisation on your card will be cancelled. If they accept, the amount will be deducted from your card and held in escrow until the end of the Rental Period or for 85 days, whichever is the earlier. You’ll then be prompted to either mark the transaction as complete or dispute it. We recommend you do not mark the transaction as complete until the end of the Rental Period as doing so will release the funds to the Lender. 


What if the item does not appear as described on pick up?

Provided you have not marked the transaction as complete, then you can raise a dispute and seek a refund. We recommend taking photos of the item to support your claim. Per the terms and conditions, the Lender should allow you to do so. 


What if the item stops working during the Rental Period?

If the item stops working during the Rental Period, provided this hasn’t been caused by your actions, you can return the item and seek a refund from the Lender for the remainder of the Rental Period. We recommend that you do not mark the transaction as complete until the end of the Rental Period so that the Rental Fee stays in escrow until the Rental Period is finished. 


What if I have any questions about the item before or during the Rental Period?

You can contact the Lender to ask questions via the online private messenger service.

Do I have to clean the item before I return it? 

Yes, you must return the item in the condition it was given to you (save for any reasonable wear and tear). 



What do I do if I have a dispute with another user?

We encourage the members of it community to try to resolve disputes directly between themselves. However, we understand that isn’t always possible and so we also offer a dispute resolution service. Borrowers can dispute a transaction by selecting the ‘dispute’ button on the notification they received when the Rental Fee was deducted from their account. Lenders (or borrowers who have already marked a transaction as complete) can raise a dispute by emailing us at or by clicking the ‘contact us’ button on the website.

Please note that fees may be applicable for using the dispute resolution service. 


Have another question?

Email us at or use the ‘contact us’ button on the website. We’d love to help!